What happens to a down payment if only his/her name is on title?

You asked: “I used my inheritance to make the down payment on our home during marriage but title was taken solely in my spouse’s name. What happens to my down payment in the divorce? I answered: If you and your spouse negotiate the terms of your California divorce, legal separation or dissolution of a domestic […]

Can and how should you do-it-yourself divorce?

People are representing themselves in divorce because they believe lawyers don’t offer quality services or they can’t afford lawyers’ fees. Others believe their cases are simple and can be handled with legal information available online, at the courthouse or in print. Filing a divorce and representing yourself in court without a lawyer in California is […]

Deposition dos and don’ts

Depositions can be unnerving, but the truth is that you have significant control over the experience. You hold information your spouse wants and you can determine how and when it’s delivered. Exercise control, but keep these dos and don’ts in mind. Your nerves will thank you. DO: Insist that your lawyer meet with you and […]

What you should know about collaborative divorce

Divorce throws life’s foundations into turmoil. Suddenly, high stakes issues exist in almost every arena: financial, legal and emotional. This creates a “perfect storm” that can cause the couple’s conflict to rage out of control. In this tempest, it becomes difficult to make the good decisions that are the heart of a carefully crafted settlement. […]

How to ask your spouse to use divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is an attractive alternative to litigation and is fast becoming the preferred method for settling divorce issues. If you want to mediate your divorce, but do not know if your spouse will agree, here are some of benefits of using mediation that may motivate your spouse to choose mediation as your dispute resolution […]

What are your best divorce solutions?

Divorce is a process that is essentially the same for anyone going through it. In order to get divorced everyone must: File legal pleadings (documents) with the court Resolve all of the issues in four broad categories: property division, spousal support, child custody and child support Meet the state’s procedural requirements Take the real life […]

Why are most women scared of prenuptial agreements?

Ninety nine percent of the people who contact me about prenuptial agreements are men. And in the last twenty years of my practice as an attorney, I cannot recall a single woman initiating the negotiations for, and execution of a prenuptial agreement. This means that not one of the millions of marrying women in California […]