How to prepare for a child custody battle

Child custody battle

A child custody battle may easily be one of the most important and difficult fights of a parent’s life. Roles and futures are at stake while on bended knee, hands tied before the court. Kids are always in the middle and regularly hit by crossfire allegedly aimed to protect the children. If ever there were […]

3 mistakes people make in divorce and how to avoid them

3 mistakes people make in divorce

You’ve all heard horror stories about divorces. That’s because horrors happen in divorce everyday in every county to men and women of all socioeconomic levels. Billion dollar divorce dilemmas explode and run wildly for years. No expense or tactic is spared. Legally simple divorces turn into knock-down, drag-out, bank account draining cases. Sometimes there’s no […]

Is a gift or an inheritance separate property in California?

inheritance separate property California

California is a community property state. That doesn’t mean what some people believe. Separate property doesn’t cease to exist or magically become community property when a person gets married. There is a presumption that assets and debts received during marriage are community property. But the community property presumption may be overcome. A spouse making a […]

Is your spouse avoiding service?


It isn’t uncommon for spouses to avoid service of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Legal Separation or Domestic Partnership, Summons and/or Declaration Under Uniform Child Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. Some hide in their houses and won’t answer the door when the process server knocks. Others won’t give their spouses their new addresses or instruct […]