fire divorce lawyer

Should you fire your divorce lawyer?

Your divorce attorney works for you and must be ethical, respectful and effective. Ethical, respectful and effective attorneys are courteous, organized, transparent, communicative, competent, frank, loyal and committed to excellence. They listen, manage cases carefully, … [Read More...]

3 Questions to ask when thinking about divorce in California

Like investors in publicly traded companies, domestic partners and spouses' financial risks and rewards are tied to the actions and opinions of others. If you're thinking about separation, divorce or dissolving a domestic partnership, include the answers to these three questions in your decision-making process. 1. What are the … [Read More...]

Can state residency change the outcome in a divorce?

  Each state has unique residency requirements. If a person wants to file a lawsuit in a state family court, residency requirements must be met. If a person wishes to file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in California, he/she or his/her spouse must be a state resident for six months and a county resident for three months … [Read More...]

3 mistakes people make in divorce

Bad divorces are a sad fact of life. Most difficult divorces are those with difficult people. But other factors like these three common mistakes complicate cases. 1. Procrastination Procrastination is perhaps the most common and worst mistake made in California divorces, often with dire consequences. From a legal … [Read More...]

10 Things to know when divorcing a trust fund beneficiary

What a life! Jets, boats, houses, trips, anything your heart desires and not a care in the world. Marrying a trust fund beneficiary can give you a great life. It also can leave you penniless, in debt and the recipient of little or no support. "What?" Yes, in California it's true. Even if you were married for decades, your … [Read More...]