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Using mindfulness meditation to cope with divorce

“Stop Talking! Stop Talking! Stop Talking!” The judge barks in the crowded courtroom. “Seriously? My client’s husband committed a felony and perjured himself by creating and using fake checks as evidence in a California family law hearing to ‘prove’ he paid the past-due spousal support, and you’re telling me to shut-up? In a crowded public […]

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10 things to do to prepare for a child custody battle in California

I urge parents to make their best efforts to negotiate child custody agreements without court involvement. If you’ve tried and it’s impossible, do these ten things to prepare for a child custody battle in California. 1. Assess your parenting style and improve as necessary Child custody and visitation decisions are made from the standpoint of […]

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How to tell your kids about divorce

“The way children are told about their family breaking up is a seminal moment that no child forgets…If you talk to your children about divorce the wrong way, they could internalize their pain and blame themselves for the divorce”. There are thousands of experts who have researched the effects of divorce on children. They have […]

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12 things to know about collecting past due child support in California

If someone owes you past due child support and you want to collect in California, here are twelve things you want to know. 1. California’s Department of Child Support Services charges minimal fees to collect past due child support for members of the general public 2. A government entity, the Department can discover and intercept […]