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Is a gift or an inheritance separate property in California?

California is a community property state. That doesn’t mean what some people believe. Separate property doesn’t cease to exist or magically become community property when a person gets married. There is a presumption that assets and debts received during marriage are community property. But the community property presumption may be overcome. A spouse making a […]

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Community Property


Divorce trial gamble

Place your bets in the divorce trial gamble

Divorce can be a tedious, stressful, emotionally exhausting and financially draining endeavor. A divorce trial can make it even worse. In fact, turning your case over to a Judge in an over taxed court system can make it much worse. Think throwing … [Read More]

What you can expect in divorce court

If for one reason or another you aren't able to settle your divorce out of court and the big day is fast approaching, you probably want to know as much as you can about what's in store. For people who have never been to court before the whole process is … [Read More]

Soul Centered divorce

What is a soul centered divorce?

What is a soul centered divorce? A soul centered divorce is guided by a person's beliefs, values, true self and inner wisdom. Being faithful to oneself and not succumbing to societal pressures. Everyone will have opinions but theirs don't matter. Yours … [Read More]


How to gather evidence in divorce

Gathering evidence in divorce can be difficult but there are legal processes and tools that when used, legally compel persons and entities to produce the evidence demanded if it exists and is not protected. Discovery is the legal process of obtaining … [Read More]

How to say no to a family law judge

It seems simple enough. You should never agree with a Judge if you don't actually agree with the Judge. Right? Theoretically yes, it is simple to say, "No your honor I do not agree." But in reality when it matters most, it isn't always so easy. There … [Read More]

Using a settlement conference to settle your divorce

An estimated 95% of all divorces, including those that are simple, complex, friendly and contested, are settled without going to trial in California. Most good divorce attorneys will make their best efforts to settle their clients' cases before going to … [Read More]