California community property

California community property laws explained

Most married people know California is a community property state but rarely know what it means. If you’re engaged, married or in a domestic partnership domiciled in California, you want to know what it means to live in a community property state. This is a simplified introduction to California’s community property laws. 1. Generally speaking, […]

divorce mistakes

3 mistakes people make in divorce

In 2006, Jill* made a decision to end her 28-year marriage. She and her husband had four grown children, a successful business, a debt-free home and growing portfolio. Jill approached her husband immediately and negotiated an ideal settlement. By 2010, Jill lost it all, her home, retirement accounts and spousal support. In 2011, Ann initiated […]

child custody battle

How to prepare for a child custody battle

If you’re in a child custody battle and haven’t already done so, please try to resolve your issues with the help of a private child custody mediator and child specialists like a therapist or LCSW. If you’ve exhausted settlement options or none exist, here are some basic facts about child custody cases in California followed […]

Inheritance separate property

Are gifts or inheritance separate property in California?

California is a community property state, but it doesn’t mean what a lot of people think. Separate property doesn’t magically disappear or cease to exist when a person gets married. Separate property may be acquired during and/or preserved throughout a marriage. Family Code section 752 and section 21 of the California State Constitution guarantee and […]

past due child support

12 things to know about collecting past due child support in California

If someone owes you past due child support and you want to collect in California, here are things you want to know. First, California’s Department of Child Support Services can be one of the best child support collection agencies. A government entity, the Department can discover and intercept Federal and State personal income tax refunds […]

Thinking About Divorce

Community Property

Conscious divorce