My free California Digital Divorce Library contains court documents written by California family law trial lawyers in Legal Separation and Dissolution of Marriage cases filed in the Superior Court of California in Marin, Napa, Alameda, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego between 2002 and 2015.

Use these documents to learn how lawyers gather facts, collect evidence, argue issues of custody, child support, spousal support, the division of property, and rights of reimbursement, make requests to set-aside agreements, prepare for trial or settlement conferences, and write legally binding agreements or court orders.

The Trial Collection includes:

  • Trial Brief in support of a Request for Reimbursement of Separate and Community Property
  • Attorney Declaration in support of a Request for Attorney Fees & Costs
  • Memorandum of Points & Authorities on a Request to set aside a Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Trial Exhibit List for a spousal support modification trial in Santa Clara County
  • Motion for Peremptory Challenge
  • CA Benchguide on the Disqualification of Judges

The Discovery Collection includes:

  • Responses to Form Interrogatories used in a spousal support modification case
  • Request for Production of Documents to Trust Beneficiary about custody, support, and property
  • Response to Demand for Site Inspection to ascertain community property estate

The Settlement Collection includes:

  • Stipulation & Order for a Continuance
  • Settlement Conference Statement of Trust Beneficiary on custody, support, and property
  • Stipulation & Order Appointing a Settlement Conference Judge
  • Stipulation & Order with terms negotiated during a Settlement Conference

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