Year-End Divorce Issues (i.e. Taxes!)

by - December 22, 2008

If you’re still married and working toward a divorce settlement or judgment, now is the perfect time to consider the impact taxes could have on the final outcome of your case. If you don’t understand the potential tax implications associated with the division of your assets, debts and support payments, you could end up owing

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5 Ways to Pay a Lawyer

by - July 10, 2007

Cash – if you’d still have enough of it left over to get your new life started after the divorce. Credit Cards – if you’ll be able to make the monthly payments and your interest rate isn’t exasperatingly high! Or, if you have cash but also have a rewards credit card (i.e. United Airlines), why

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Good Credit Gone Bad

by - April 16, 2007

“When John and I got divorced, I agreed John could keep our house provided he refinanced our mortgage, paid the property taxes and immediately removed my name from title. In exchange, John agreed that he would not contest our divorce and would allow me to walk away from our marriage (and the equity I had

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Just Days Left to File your Tax Returns

by - April 12, 2007

If you haven’t filed your tax returns yet, it isn’t too late.  Don’t be penalized for late tax filings. Get cracking now! Technorati Tags: divorce taxes tax return refund state federal 1040 income assets child support division property marriage relationships law legal money finances

Find Hidden Divorce Assets

by - April 11, 2007

If you suspect your spouse is hiding income and assets, these tools and search suggestions may help you uncover the stash. 1. Get Your Equifax Credit Report Now! When you receive your report look for any debts like mortgages, promissory notes or secured loans held in your spouse’s name or your joint names. Track down

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by - April 6, 2007

There are less than 10 days left until the April 15th tax-filing deadline. If you haven’t already prepared your taxes and you’re confused by your separation or divorce, read our article The Tax Man Cometh then File your taxes online with CompleteTax today. No hidden state fees. Technorati Tags: divorce taxes money tax returns income

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