Life after Divorce

Parenting After Divorce

by - January 31, 2011


Divorce changes all lives it touches. Even the most stable, self confident adult can find their world’s been shaken to its core. Children, no matter what their ages, are even more impacted by divorce. Children with less developed emotions, reasoning skills, and coping skills are often left feeling alone, scared, often blaming themselves for the

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Single Mom Seeking

by -

Rachel and Mae

My daughter, Mae, was seven months old when her father walked out the door. His whereabouts are unknown, although last I heard he was in Ireland. At age 28, I was terrified at the thought of reentering the dating scene. But eventually, I got over my heartbreak. When Mae started preschool, I wondered if it

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Contentedly Alone

by - August 11, 2007

It’s a beautiful, peaceful Saturday afternoon and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time alone. After sleeping in as late as possible, I spent a leisurely two hours in the garden, sipping my coffee, collecting flowers and watering the plants that amazingly, have survived the reign of my dogs of mass destruction. I putter. I contemplate. I

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Post Divorce Checklist

by - March 14, 2007

Use this checklist to help wrap up important loose ends after divorce.1. Obtain a copy of my certified divorce decree. Make extra copies. 2. Change my name on my: ____ Driver’s license, automobile title and registration ____ Social security card ____ IRS records ____ Automobile insurance policy ____ Life, health, homeowner’s and disability insurance policies

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Life After Divorce

by - February 22, 2007

If divorce has taken its toll and you feel as though there’s no way up from “here”, consider the lives and blogs of these divorced women who are living and loving life after divorce. Be inspired by their humor and stories that make up the lives of successful re-single women. Mindy Rogers, author of The

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