Going to Court

Discovery Tools for Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Cases

by - December 28, 2013


Discovery Defined Discovery is the legal process of obtaining important information during divorce, legal separation or the dissolution of a domestic partnership. Spouses use it to gather evidence from each other or from third party sources like banks or employers. The formal discovery process usually begins shortly after you and/or your spouse initiate legal proceedings

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Deposition Dos and Don’ts

by - February 14, 2011


Depositions can be unnerving, but the truth is that you have significant control over the experience. You hold information your spouse wants and you can determine how and when it’s delivered. Exercise control, but keep these dos and don’ts in mind. Your nerves will thank you. DO: Insist that your lawyer meet with you and

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The Divorce Trial Gamble

by -


Divorce can be a tedious, stressful, emotionally exhausting, and financially draining endeavor. A divorce trial can make this already difficult situation overwhelming. As a result of the immense stress, money spent, time wasted, uncertain outcomes, and great risk of loss, an estimated 98% of divorces never even make it to court, and are often settled

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