Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

by - January 21, 2014

Mill Valley California Divorce Lawyer Helene Taylor

It is my professional and personal opinion that, if you are getting divorced or have concerns during your marriage about very important issues, like your financial well being, you need to speak to a divorce or family law lawyer. You may only need to speak to the lawyer for an hour or two, but you

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Discovery Tools for Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Cases

by - December 28, 2013


Discovery Defined Discovery is the legal process of obtaining important information during divorce, legal separation or the dissolution of a domestic partnership. Spouses use it to gather evidence from each other or from third party sources like banks or employers. The formal discovery process usually begins shortly after you and/or your spouse initiate legal proceedings

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Everything Changes: Cancer and Divorce

by - July 8, 2011

Cancer and Divorce: Everything Changes

Diagnosed with cancer at age twenty-seven, I was surrounded by patients the age of my grandparents. I felt incredibly alone.  After treatment I shed my hospital gown and hit the road, recording intimate conversations with other twenty and thirty-something cancer patients.  From the Big Apple to the Bible Belt, complete strangers shared with me the

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State Residency Requirements for Divorce

by - July 4, 2011

Every state has unique residency requirements that must be met before a person files a Petition or Complaint for divorce or dissolution. If you or your spouse satisfy a state’s residency requirements, that state’s court has jurisdiction or the legal authority to make legal decisions about your marital status and issues related thereto. If you

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Making Your Money Go Further

by - February 14, 2011


When divorce happens, it should be tackled like any unexpected financial event. You must watch expenses carefully and find creative ways to save money. In divorce, there are many obvious ways to save money, such as talking to your lawyer’s secretary instead of your lawyer, making your own photocopies and completing your own forms. There

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