California divorce strategy sessions

Solutions for complicated problems,

Answers to critically important questions,

Methods for dealing with difficult people,

Precise plans for achieving your desired outcomes.

Divorce poses questions you’ve never answered before and challenges you won’t know how to overcome.

Divorce requires you to make decisions and take actions that protect you, your family and your future.

Your ability to freely and independently do these things will likely be thwarted by your spouse/partner, his/her attorney, settlement officers, mediators, judges and so on.

In other words, divorce is complex and there is no way around it.

There are, however, ways to make your divorce process easier.

I sincerely believe that working with me is one of the best ways to make your divorce process easier, particularly when you must answer difficult questions and overcome obstacles pertaining to your children, finances, housing, career and the divorce process itself.

Turning your entire case over to a divorce attorney can be expensive and risky.

But ignoring or postponing the steps you need to take in your divorce aren’t the answer for overcoming the overwhelm. Using my Divorce Strategy Sessions to navigate every aspect of your divorce are.

During your Divorce Strategy Sessions you will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of your circumstances in light of California’s family laws
  • Explore your legal and practical options for your housing, career, finances, and family
  • Develop a divorce strategy that takes into consideration, your fears and dreams
  • Have a detailed action plan with specific steps to take immediately in your case
  • Be guided by me, a divorce attorney with 20 years of experience and a heart of gold
  • Have a safe and comfortable place to give your divorce and future the attention it needs

So my question for you is, would you like to accept this invitation and seize the opportunity?

If you answered “Yes!” I applaud you. This is what you can expect from our four part Divorce Strategy Sessions.

Step one: Discovery
In our first ninety minute session you will share with me, the details of your life, your greatest fears surrounding divorce, and your brightest dreams for the future. Using worksheets and exercises we will explore your personality and determine the processes that work best for taking action and making decisions. At the close of our time of session I will have a clear understanding of your circumstances.

Step two: Education
In our second ninety minute session I will give you a detailed explanation of the legal and procedural issues in your case. I also will explain the different methods available for processing your divorce and which one may be best suited to your circumstances, including your spouse or partner’s personality as described by you. At the close of our session you will have a clear understanding of the laws and procedures that govern your divorce.

Step three: Exploration
In our third ninety minute session we will identify all of the options that may be available to you in each area of your life: finances, family, career, housing, legal actions, dispute resolution methods, experts and more. At the close of our session you will have lists of options available to choose from in every area of your life.

Step four: Selection – In our fourth ninety minute session we will develop your divorce strategy and action plan. We will determine the options best suited to your dreams and personal circumstances and determine the specific steps you can take to avoid your worst fears and achieve your ideal outcome. At the close of our session you will know exactly what you can do next in your divorce and life.

Step five: Execution

With my guidance and care you will feel as though your best friend, who is a divorce lawyer, is your ally who knows the ropes and wants to make your divorce easier and life happier.
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