California divorce coaching for the smart, successful and conscientious

*Jack, John, Jane and Jill are aliases used to protect the privacy of my former clients and their spouses.

When Jill,* one of my North bay clients, first arrived in my office she had in hand, a $400,000 settlement offer that left the child custody and child support issues blowing in the wind. She had been married for 10 years to a trust beneficiary. Jack’s discretionary, support and spendthrift trust funds exceeded $10 million and were heavily guarded by aggressive estate planning attorneys and a successful divorce attorney with 40 years experience. All of Jack’s attorneys were bullies and he was passive for most of the divorce process. Jack and his team did their best to lock down the funds and leave Jill and her kids in less than desirable circumstances. After overcoming many obstacles, we secured a tax free settlement agreement valued at over $2,000,000 with most of the benefits in Jill’s hands within 30 days of the deal.

Jane, a Santa Clara, California coaching client had been trying for 9 years to collect past due spousal support and force the sale of a community property asset per the 2006 court order. Shortly after we began working together Jane’s ex-husband Jack, produced fake checks as alleged evidence he had paid the past due support when he hadn’t. After jumping a number of hurdles and technical issues raised by Jack’s attorney, Jill collected the past due support plus 10% annual interest. Jack was sanctioned $3500 and the community property asset was finally sold and Jill had $30,000 cash in hand within a month after her court hearing.

Jill, an Alameda, California client received $16,000 in attorney fees and costs as a sanction payable by her husband.

Jane’s Santa Clara sex addicted spouse agreed to repay her $75,000 for one-half of the community funds he had spent on other women during their marriage. Under California’s family laws it’s highly unlikely she would have had the same results at trial.

John, a Marin client was being extorted by his spouse’s attorney and denied custody by his wife out of spite. Together we worked to overcome both horrific situations and he went on to heal.

One of my favorite success stories, Jane, an Alameda client had a beautifully conscious divorce that brought she and her husband closer together. They continue to co-parent and enjoy each others company often.

What will your divorce be like?

At the moment, I don’t know.

What I do know is I’m here to guide you on your journey through the California divorce process. It is a course I have successfully charted and navigated hundreds of times with unique men and women whose divorces took different routes, many through inclement weather.

I also am here to share my wisdom gained over the last twenty years as a divorce trial attorney, collaborative attorney, mediator, consultant, strategist and coach.

Here is a short list of some of the other questions and problems I help divorcing men and women answer and solve.

  • Whether to get divorced or legally separated
  • How to prepare for divorce
  • When to speak to a spouse about divorce
  • How to tell children about the divorce
  • Whether to use mediation, collaboration, negotiation or litigation
  • Whether to hire an attorney, mediator or be self representing
  • How to pay for legal services
  • How to identify and hire divorce experts
  • When to hire and fire divorce professionals
  • Where to live and with whom
  • What type of career or business to pursue
  • How much support to pay or agree to receive
  • Whether to settle or go to trial
  • If and when to sell and/or buy a home
  • How to cope with the uncertainty and stress
  • How to prepare for a child custody and support hearings
  • How to stay calm, healthy, focused and get things done
  • If you can go back to school and how much time and support you’ll receive if you do

Does this list of questions seem ridiculously long and leave you bewildered, overwhelmed, anxious and/or confused?

Would you like help answering these questions without paying exorbitant legal fees?

If you answered “Yes”, my California conscious divorce coaching could be the perfect solution for you.

If you and I are a good fit, you will receive 4 hours of of my expert guidance each month for only $1,000 monthly with a three month minimum commitment.

Just $1,000 per month for 4 hours of expert divorce coaching with a retired complex California divorce attorney who also is licensed in Hawaii, has 20 + years of legal and 40 years of business and real estate experience?


Because  I genuinely want your divorce to be easier and as affordable as possible and I put my money where my mouth is.

And I am so excited to help more smart, successful and deserving men and women more easily move through the legal, practical and emotional processes of divorce!

You’ll get my brain working to find your best divorce solutions in light of your circumstances.

Whenever possible, I’ll put you in touch with other divorce experts I know and would speak with if I were in your shoes. Think top trial and appellate attorneys, mediators, forensic accountants, therapists, business valuators, mortgage brokers, child custody experts, top trial attorneys, estate planning attorneys and any others you need and I know.

Are you ready to get started? I am, so lets see if we’re a good fit!

Please fill out the confidential form below.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you.



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