Soul Centered Divorce Coaching Circles

When men and women come together during their divorces, special and powerful things happen. They build relationships that support, inspire, and educate.

They find strength in numbers and feel empowered to take courageous action; they go for what they need and want.

I want these special and powerful things for you during your divorce and you can have them.

From: Helene Taylor, Esq.
Date: Thursday, 4:00 pm

Dear Soulful Person (Yes, YOU):

Do you find yourself in any of these situations?

  • After months or years of deliberating you have finally made the decision to divorce but you don’t know know what to do now
  • Papers have been filed, but nothing is happening in your divorce – it’s just sitting, stagnating
  • Your spouse is on a warpath and is doing everything in his power to break you – emotionally and financially
  • During marriage your spouse controlled the finances and now, you’re embarrassed because you know very little about your assets, debts, etc.
  • You are in mediation or the collaborative divorce process, trying to settle your case, but you are scared you’ll make the wrong choices
  • A hearing or trial is required because your husband won’t negotiate and you want to be prepared for court
  • No one knows your case as well as he/she does, but your lawyer’s fees are so high you can’t afford to speak with him/her every week
  • You are so busy with work, family, and life that it’s hard to devote the time required to get divorced
  • You are ready to settle your case, but you need answers about what you will and will not accept
  • While they are supportive, your friends and family just don’t understand what you are going through or how they can help

If you are in any of these situations, then I have a special invitation for you. I’d like to invite you to join my personal coaching circles designed specifically for conscious motivated people.

In my Soul Centered Divorce Coaching Circles I will personally coach you and three other like-minded people who are facing similar challenges.

Together you will:

  • Identify your core values and build a foundation that you will use to confidently make decisions that are “right” for you in any phase and type of divorce
  • Connect with your inner voice and tap into your innate intelligence
  • Cut through the confusion of divorce and focus on the essentials
  • Identify and avoid irrelevant and distracting events and thoughts
  • Develop a personal practice that gets and keeps you grounded
  • Brainstorm options and explore unique strategies for resolving your toughest divorce issues
  • Create and work through a personalized plan for consistently moving your divorce forward towards completion
  • Take proactive steps to resolving the issues in, and finalizing your divorce
  • Receive practical personal guidance
  • Share your experiences and be supported by your soul-centered circle who know exactly what you’re going through
  • Roll up your sleeves and do the work required to get divorced

Together we will embark on a transformational, holistic journey. You will be supported as you make decisions in your divorce that reflect who you are and what you value.

Best yet, you may have a little fun in the process and make some lifelong friends.

Let me share a few things that you WON’T get in my Soul Centered Divorce Coaching Circles:

  • No judgment. There probably isn’t anything you are thinking, doing or dealing with that a divorcing woman hasn’t already thought, done or dealt with. We accept you as you are and where you are.
  • No pity. While we are empathetic and supportive, your coaching circle and I will encourage you to avoid victimization and embrace your power.
  • No excuses. You have to do the work to get your divorce done.
  • No legal advice. I am your coach, not your attorney and no attorney-client relationship is created when you participate in my coaching circles. I will share my insights and experiences and whenever you need legal advice, you will be encouraged to speak with an attorney licensed in your state.
  • No technical paralegal work. We will not be filling out legal forms or doing legal research together.
  • No staying stuck. Embracing fear, overcoming paralysis, and taking action are required for your success.

Here’s exactly what you receive in my Coaching Circles:

      • Group Coaching. On the first, second, and third weeks of every month you will gather with three other women and I in person, via Skype or on the telephone. During our sessions you will each be personally coached by me. I will coach you on your most pressing divorce issue; help you connect with your inner strength; explore new perspectives; maintain momentum and take aligned action. You will also listen to your soul-centered coaching sessions, which can expand your knowledge and inspire you as you witness each others’ transformative journeys. Being in a group with three other people who have similar challenges, you also will may find comfort knowing that you are not alone. You also get a great support system that extends beyond me.
      • Private Focused Coaching. In the 4th week of every month, I open my personal telephone line for focused coaching, where you will receive my undivided attention. You can call and speak with me privately about issues you don’t want to discuss in the group coaching sessions or as things come up between group calls. You can use this time to discuss the decisions you are facing and making so I can give you support that helps keep you on a soul centered track in your divorce.
      • Peer Support.You will be paired with a partner and encouraged to speak with her between group coaching sessions. You will hold each other accountable and provide motivation and inspiration during the process. Coaching Circle partners can forge friendships that last a lifetime. All participants sign confidentiality agreements and agree to keep other participants identities and issues confidential.
      • Private Facebook group. You will connect with the soul-centered sisters from your coaching circle as well as those from all of my coaching circles. You can share resources, celebrate wins, and be in touch 24/7.

New coaching circles are kicking off in October 2014 and I would love for you to be in a soul circle The fee is $297 per month and a three month commitment is required.

To register, complete the questionnaire below. Once we receive your information and confirm that we have the perfect group for you to join, my assistant will schedule a time to speak with you about whether the program is perfect for you. 

I look forward to coaching you soon!

From my soul to yours,
Helene L. Taylor
Author, Coach, Attorney, and Mediator

If you can tell the truth in a way that serves the people close to you, you have the capacity to lead them to their greatest potential. ~ Elena Brower

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