There are thousands of resources across the country for women in abusive relationships. These include safe houses, legal representation programs, and a wide array of organizations that provide invaluable services to women in need. It is our goal to help you find these resources so you can get the type of help you need to […]

“Misery Loves Company”, And Lots Of It

In the midst of divorce it’s easy to think you’re alone, with no one to share your sorrows. This is a common belief, but rarely true. There are thousands of people who can provide solace in your time of despair. They’re all around you, and many are just a few clicks away. There are online […]

Representing Yourself In Divorce

Most divorce lawyers are expensive. Their hourly rates usually run between $100 and $600. Rates are commensurate with a lawyer’s experience, reputation, location (i.e. New York City), and sometimes, their egos. If your divorce involves millions of dollars, and your spouce has hired a bulldog lawyer, buying your own bulldog for $600 an hour may […]

Deadbeat Dads

In this great capitalist country of ours, it’s infuriating that so many men are allowed to avoid their child support obligations. It’s also maddening that men, who work for cash and never declare it, own their own businesses and crook the books, or work for employers who help hide their income, are rarely penalized. What […]

Harvard hosts schleppers? Well, Kind Of.

When most people think about Harvard, the best, brightest, and most expensive come to mind. “Shlep” does not, however, it should. “Shlep”, which means “to carry” or “to move slowly, awkwardly, or tediously” (thank you is also the acronym for Self Help Law ExPress, a blog hosted by Harvard. Shlep is written by a […]

Applauding All Awesome Moms

The women I know and work with, especially those who are moms constantly amaze me. They juggle a million things at once and still keep it all together. Some have 1, 2, or 3 children, all under the age of 18, work part or full-time, volunteer at their children’s schools, are girl scout leaders, carpool […]

The Price Of Freedom

When the judge signed my divorce decree in the late 80s, I breathed a sigh of relief. Even though I agreed my husband would receive all our savings and I, all our debt, I was ecstatic. In my mind $10,000 was a small price to pay to be free of my husband forever. I was […]

Better Than Blue

On the eve of this beautiful New Year, I vowed to be a better person. I promised to meet each day optimistically and treat my challenges as opportunities for growth. I proclaimed I would be less sarcastic. I even announced I would consider my ex-husband in a new light. “Heck” I said, as my friends […]

A Toast To A New Year, New Life, And New Love

After 17 years of marriage, and a divorce that never seemed to end, I swore I’d never fall in love again. Who knew my reality would turn out so differently? In less than 6 months after my divorce, and in the blink of an eye, I met and fell in love with Fergus. It’s hard […]