Do you really need a divorce coach in the collaborative process?

What is the Collaborative Divorce Model? In a typical collaborative divorce, each spouse hires an attorney and a trained mental health professional known as a divorce coach.  Together, the couple may hire a neutral financial specialist and, if needed, a child specialist as well. In essence, when you participate in a collaborative divorce, you hire […]

Using Jon Kabat Zinn’s meditation in divorce

Spouses pillaging community assets, formerly disinterested parents vying for custody in an effort to reduce child support, destroying documents, filing motions filled with lies… There is no end to the number of storms you could be forced to weather in your divorce so finding techniques or processes to help you stay responsive but not reactive […]

Tips for choosing a divorce lawyer

When it comes to choosing a divorce lawyer, how do you decide? Here are a few quick tips to help you determine which divorce lawyer to hire: You May Want To Avoid Lawyers Who: Are general practitioners and don’t specialize in family law. Have reputations for being aggressive and disliked by lawyers and judges. Have […]

Using collaborative law to resolve property issues in divorce

No one enters marriage wanting a divorce. If divorce does happen, however, both spouses often hope to achieve a mutually acceptable resolution that allows them to make their lives work despite the unexpected change in plans. A collaborative divorce can help them do just that. Collaborative attorneys help divorcing couples resolve property issues using a […]

Tips for your courtroom appearances during divorce

Think of the courtroom as a stage. You’re the lead actress and the judge is a critic. He’s watching your every move and listening to your every word. Your job as the star is to convey a positive message, which in turn, leads to a favorable ruling. To prepare for your role, consider these tips. […]

Is preparing for divorce evil or essential?

Divorce is a complicated process, both legally and emotionally, but thoughtful planning can make your transition from married to single life smoother. Even if your intent is to settle your divorce without going to court or relying on California’s laws, best laid plans sometimes go awry. So any precautionary measures taken at the outset of […]

Resolving child custody problems using collaborative law

When a family is separating due to divorce, one of the hardest realities to face is that children can only be in one place at a time. Divorce does, however, offer opportunities for a renewed commitment to the parent-child relationship. It is worth the effort to handle this well because parent-child relationships transcend divorce. For […]