Testimonials and reviews for Helene L Taylor

I have seen four or five attorneys and you are the best. All of the others seemed fixated on earning money while you genuinely care about making my life better. Thank you so much for caring.

– KM, Mill Valley, California (April 2014)

An amazing thing happened when we got off our call.

I was infused with energy – I read – I decided to make dinner – I played music – hand washed a sweater – started laundry – cleaned out the frig…

Those might seem like totally terrible domestic things – but I’ve been moving around like mud for months – no get up and go – almost slightly depressed.

I was stunned at what happened for me – the fog lifted-I found myself happy when I didn’t even know I was sad!

But after we spoke and I emailed our real estate lawyer saying, “change the title of the house!” things just started moving for me and it has me realize what kind of depression or lull this whole divorce business is. I mean, it’s been a year since my husband moved out and we haven’t done a thing. It’s like pushing a house with your bare hands.

You got the ball rolling. So thank you for caring about me – for emailing me – for calling me on the f***ing dot of 4pm today (You rock star!)

And helping me out of this muddy lull. I am forever grateful. xxx

– LW, Alameda California (01/10/14)

I met with you when I was first divorcing, and you helped me tremendously. It was that first meeting with you when I changed my approach to divorce and today I’m enjoying a very good relationship with my ex-husband. Thank you for all you’ve done!

– NC, Los Gatos, California (01/09/14)

I have worked very closely with Helene for two years now. She has diligently assisted me in working through some very difficult transitions – in the final dissolution of my twenty-five year marriage.

My very first impression when meeting Helene was one of true professionalism and distinction. Her initial greeting, however, was non-intimidating and with an air of genuine kindness. This was not the typical impression I had received in prior interaction with attorneys. In my distressing circumstances, it was a relief to feel such a sense of trust and dependability in her that was truly unique.”

Helene is brilliant – thorough and discerning, with excellent analytical and forensic skills, and more importantly, she is honest and forthright. Helene is a personable professional I truly trust.”

– Julia, Oakland, CA

When I realized that I was headed for divorce I knew I’d have to find a guide. She’d need to be smart, soulful, kind, and know her way around the legal system like nobody’s business.  I love working with Helene because she not only covers all of those bases beautifully, but she’s made it possible for me to move through my divorce with peace of mind and confidence. Because she’s organized and thoughtful, because she’s thinking ahead and always has my best interest in mind, I can rest in knowing that I’m going to be alright. Helene is my champion, a woman who has helped me navigate divorce’s often slippery waters with grace and strength.

– Laurie, Alameda, CA

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday. You made a difference in my life and I really appreciate it.”

– Susan, San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for extending yourself so graciously. It’s so nice to know there is someone like you.”

– Kim, Oakland, CA

Going into the holidays, you took the time to equip me with the knowledge and confidence to know I can make it through anything. I’m grateful to you for that continued support. After talking to you I don’t feel hopeless. Your suggestions gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going. It all becomes so overwhelming at times. I will remain diligent and careful as we’ve discussed. You’ve been a wonderful resource to me and I wanted to thank you.”

– Jen, San Mateo, CA